i like my coffee like i like my metal

Black, bitter, and full of spite.

This is the most I’ve written on tumblr in awhile. Last night I was thinking about how much I miss putting ink to paper. It’s drawing language. I also miss drawing, but I came to terms that I’m not the best illustrator and can settle for the occasional doodle. 

However, I’m usually behind the computer for most of the day. I’m mostly been an introvert (definitely not shy) and I’d rather just read and listen to music. I think I’m watching less television and listening to music more. 

That’s one thing I am: a fucking music lover. I love music. I love listening to it, I love making it, I love reading about it, talking about it, and figuring all the gear and guitars that you can do to make loud and heavy music. 

I don’t care if I’m not a big band or we only have a few people seeing us on a weekday when we perform. I play music for the sheer enjoyment of it. I’m also really into practice these days because I like playing with other people. 

Also, everyone should listen to Forget Cassettes. Their 2003 record is one of my all time favorites. It was originally a two piece but now they’re a full fledge band. I saw them with Adam when we first moved here. I prefer the two piece set up myself. They was the album was recorded has such full, natural reverb that it’s best heard with headphones. They have a Sleater-Kinney comparison going on, but the dynamics are more pronounced, with more layers than SK.  

I’m also realizing I’m not much of a silk screener, either. I have a few frames and supplies that need to desperately be given to someone who would use them. 

I was never a huge Converge fan. I saw them play at Krazyfest ‘01 (or ‘02 I don’t remember) and I remember the lead singer hocking a loogie into a dude’s mouth. They were also throwing full water bottles at people and I immediate chalked them up as being a bunch of asshats. 

The last record I listened to was Petitioning the Empty Sky. 

Now I just start listening to All We Love We Leave Behind and holy shit what a totally different band. It’s a great record. 

I hope they stopped spitting into people’s mouths and treating their crowds like asshats. 

8 bit Temple of the Dog

Tonight, there’s a shit ton of bands playing for free - Iron Reagan, Nothing, Coliseum, Trap Them, and White Widow Pact - and I’m not going. 

I just don’t go to shows anymore. None of my friends really go to shows anymore. 

Elyse and I had tickets to see Afghan Whigs which would’ve been a 5 minute bike ride, and didn’t go. 

I get tickets to a lot of the good shows at St. Vitus, but I end up not going even though I live 5 blocks away. I was even telling Frank how I had tickets to see Deafheaven, but I streamed the show instead. 

Maybe it’s social anxiety or maybe I’ve gotten more comfortable with being lazy and listening to records at home? 


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The Gits - Whirlwind

One of my first girlfriends was a HUGE Gits fan. I really got into them in high school through the hype! documentary. Anyway, my girlfriend at the time would drag up to Louisville to Cherokee Park and we’d go to Cave Hill Cemetery to give Mia Zapata a rose on her birthday or the day she was murdered. After all, she was a total kick-ass Kentuckian with one of the best voices in rock, punk, blues, and music. 

Today marks the 21st anniversary of Mia Zapata’s death. I’m glad they caught your killer. 

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This seems like it would be a lot cooler live than on video. 

I also miss hardcore like this where people kinda looked idiots but didn’t give a shit. 

So the supreme court of the USA ruled that Christian family owned craft mega mart Hobby Lobby does not need to support the birth control insurance of their workers. 

I wonder if the workers can choose to just use Hobby Lobby crafts to create their own form of contraceptive. If they’re not going to pay for it, might as well get crafty. 

Either that, or have your unwanted pregnancy in the aisle of Hobby Lobby so they can take care of your child. 

Fuck this place, and their maked notion of celebrating religious freedom. How can this be perceived as religious freedom when the workers are the ones being oppressed? Its too bad the economy is so fucked that employees no longer have a choice. 

Fuck off Green family. And fuck off hobby lobby, you pieces of shit.