i like my coffee like i like my metal

Black, bitter, and full of spite.

Tattoo ideas



Airplane II



United 93

Millennium (film)

The Strain

Con Air

Any Michael Bay film

Independance Day

The one Justice League cartoon where a plane crashes and Batman figures out that it comes from Earth 2

More later…

Songs Ohia - The Black Crow

Scout Niblett - Kiss

Wipers - Doom Town

I used to really hate this band because they were such asses when I saw them in Louisville in like 2000. I guess a lot of music I like can’t be judged by the behavior of individual band members. 

This record is great though.

High on Fire (for fucking free at fucking that)

This excellent lineup at ABC during their matinee:

—NAMATAY SA INGAY (Pinoy NYHC influenced by 80’s Filipino hardcore/punk)
—RHDP (Pinoy rock n’ roll/punk from Virginia Beach, VA)
—LAKRAS (Latino hardcore/punk, ex-Kechucha)
—KARUHATA (multilingual, multinational, political punks from NYC)
—RENZO ORTEGA (lead vocalist of R-tronika doing his solo acoustic set!)

War on Women

Fuck colds. 

People get Ready - The Impressions

When Elyse and I were planning our wedding reception, we picked this as a first song. For me, what really resonated was the song’s inclusiveness. It was a freedom song during the Civil Rights Movement. The metaphor of the train really got me going, as I was leaving behind being a “single” dude to starting a new adventure with another human being.

The line where they say “You don’t need no baggage” is extremely powerful for me, cause to me that means literally leaving the emotional baggage that weighs you down. You just need faith, and to me that’s faith in my wife.  

From NPR article:

"Music critic Stanley Crouch explains Mayfield’s response to those events: "…by saying ‘There’s a train a-coming, get ready’ that was like saying, okay, so regardless of what happens, get yourself together for this because you are going to get a chance. Your chance is coming.""


Tragedy Untitled 3 off the CD with the bonus tracks. 

One of my favorite ones.

Melvins covering Into the Void

mango kumbucha
explodes like the pinky goo
in Ghostbusters two

NERDS: Wayne from “The Leftovers” is really Sybok from Star Trek: The Final Frontier. 

Also, nice to hear Angel of Death during this last episode.