i like my coffee like i like my metal

Black, bitter, and full of spite.

This is genius. If I lived in England, I would pick up this shirt and fucking rock it everyday.
I’m gonna go listen to Cybergod now.

This is genius. If I lived in England, I would pick up this shirt and fucking rock it everyday.

I’m gonna go listen to Cybergod now.

Catharsis. They’re one of those bands that a lot of my friends say in Louisville back at the BRYCC house, but for one reason or another I could never make it out to the show (my experiences with trying to see pg.99 and Fugazi were similar).

This is an oldie, but goodie. The piano part, the quick d-beat then slow down to a mellow tempo at the beginning; that shit is awesome. The lyrics are also pretty awesome.

I miss bands like these. Overtly political, pissed off, and not giving a fuck what people think. I’m sure Brian has heard enough criticisms of crimethinc over the years, but despite this, he’s still cranking out music and doing what he likes…at least that’s what I hear. Crimethinc certainly has its flaws, and what idealistic political group doesn’t, but that’s a discussion for another time. At the time that this band was touring, there were book distro’s, bake sales, and a real sense of community among punk rock hardcore kids.

Where are the books at shows? Where are the zines of ten years ago? Where is the underground network of radicals, artists, musicians, writers, zinesters, djs, and organziers? Did we just live in a idealistic peter-pan state? Did punk rock fail us? Or did we fail it?

Click on the link above, and it goes to a facebook page.

I think this is a GREAT idea. I went to so many basement shows (and put on a few) that it’s hard not to appreciate a cornerstone in DIY culture and being a punk. Some of the best (and strangest) shows I’ve been to have been in basements, garages, and wherever else I can think.

I might enter if I get my shit together.

Playing Enemy and Harkonen take stage with Botch during their last song. John Pettibone of Himsa is wrecking the stage lights.

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Vacay on the Bay V1 44116 by We Are All Savages

This is my band, We Are All Savages. You can find us on facebook, twitter, and even tumblr! You can also download our new 7” FOR FREE here. We also have these jams for sale. If you are interested in a vinyl version, shirts, general correspondence, or trading mix tapes you can email me - jtidal at gmailz (obviously it’s not gmailz, but I have to try and prevent the spam bots).

Click the link, throw some goats.

This is Good Luck from Bloomington, IN. I used to see these kids at potlucks when I would come back to visit after I had moved. I never knew them personally, but would see them everywhere. They’re pretty big now, which is awesome.

I kinda miss shows like this. You’d see a decent pop punk band, then a two piece grind band, then an acoustic set, then like a hardcore band all in one night. Now, it seems like everytime I go to a show it’s all metal or all hardcore or all this or that. Fuck it, just get a bunch of kids together and put on a good fucking show.


This Friday at midnight at the Charleston!
Eyehategod after party with:
Magrudergrind (DC)Mutilation Rites (NYC)Woe (Philadelphia)We Are All Savages


This Friday at midnight at the Charleston!

Eyehategod after party with:

Magrudergrind (DC)
Mutilation Rites (NYC)
Woe (Philadelphia)
We Are All Savages

Here’s all the shit I downloaded this week since coming back from NOLA.

Thou/Black September Split - The Thou side rocks. The Black September side is kind of boring.

The Body - All the Waters…
Interesting record from this Rhode Island metal two piece. I only listened to it once, but liked what I heard. Could do without the weird track with the babbling beat boxing. Very atmospheric and heavy.

Deafheaven - Demo and Roads to Judah
Whoa! Very interesting american black metal. Lots of melodies going on here without constant blast beats.

Dishammer -  Under the Sign of the D-Beat Mark
Rock and d-beat from Spain. It’s like Disfear spoke Spanish and were recorded more lo-fi like.

Entrance - Prayer of Death
PSYCH ROCK! Great jams with bluesy modern vocals and amazing bass lines.

Graveyard - S/T
More psych rock, but little more subdued compared to Entrance. Lots of Black Sabbath influence going on here on this Swedish set.

Leech/Thou split - The Leech side is fucking epic. Thou songs are also more raw than their other releases.

Mauser - End of the Line
Angry pissed off hardcore from Florida. This band is fucking great.

Ruidosa Inmundicia - Huellas de Odio
The vocals aren’t as raw on this record in compared to their other stuff. Still furious sounding at break-neck speeds. 

Weedeater - Jason…The Dragon
"its like AC/DC meets motorhead with a pinch on high on fire" - Riff

Words of Ypres - Against the Seasons
The opening track is great, but some of the songs on here are just hokey.

At the Gates - Purgatory Unleashed
One of the best live records I’ve heard. Get this if you like melodic death metal, metalcore, hardcore, or music in general

Pygmy Lush. I bought their first record, hated it, then sent it off. They’re basically members of pg.99 doing folks songs. Either the songs are really quiet or they get really loud. I’m into Mount Hope though, and it seems to be a good sophomore effort.

Anyhow, here’s a set of their show in Tulsa, OK. I think whoever edited/shot it did a really good job.

You can stream, purchase, or download their new record here.