i like my coffee like i like my metal

Black, bitter, and full of spite.

Click the link, throw some goats.

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The Laughing Stock by Extract Movie

Extracted from the movie Extract.

Even if it’s for a iTunes movie trailer.

Got this from Jack!

Got this from Jack!

This was shot by the folks over at Kill The Cat . They’ve done videos for Sleep, High on Fire, as well as uploaded tons of Bay Area shows. I was bummed out to see that their YouTube channel was unavailable because of some douchebag named Tobias Francis.

This fucker lives in Portland, btw.

Anyhow, this is Middian. It’s members of YOB. They were only around for a little while because some shitty band in Wisconsin called Midian LLC sued them for copyright infringement.  I would PISSED if some Nu-metal band that didn’t do things DIY, haven’t even toured outside of their town, and played awful music tried to sue me on such shit. Regardless, Middian unfortunately loss because of legal fees, Metal Blade dropping them from their label, and the effects that the lawsuit had on their family and friends.

This other Midian band SUCKS.


Seeing ATG was probably one of the best shows I saw in 2009. This band rips.

This is Good Luck from Bloomington, IN. I used to see these kids at potlucks when I would come back to visit after I had moved. I never knew them personally, but would see them everywhere. They’re pretty big now, which is awesome.

I kinda miss shows like this. You’d see a decent pop punk band, then a two piece grind band, then an acoustic set, then like a hardcore band all in one night. Now, it seems like everytime I go to a show it’s all metal or all hardcore or all this or that. Fuck it, just get a bunch of kids together and put on a good fucking show.


This Friday at midnight at the Charleston!
Eyehategod after party with:
Magrudergrind (DC)Mutilation Rites (NYC)Woe (Philadelphia)We Are All Savages


This Friday at midnight at the Charleston!

Eyehategod after party with:

Magrudergrind (DC)
Mutilation Rites (NYC)
Woe (Philadelphia)
We Are All Savages

I like how crust punk is its own little island that few visit, but many just move on from…

Not as good as The Black Oven yet updated waaaaaaay more often, Metalcakes does band reviews and a corresponding cupcake. Look at this fucking thing. It actually makes me want to listen to the that awful Blue Records that Baroness put out.