i like my coffee like i like my metal

Black, bitter, and full of spite.


Another Movie Trailer of the Day: Finally: The official, director-approved trailer for Spencer Susser Sundance-screened drama Hesher.

The truly independent film, which stars Devin Brochu, Rainn Wilson, Natalie Portman, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, will receive a limited theatrical release on May 11.



I was in this band called Rats in the Walls for a little while. We broke up, but we recorded some stuff, played a few shows, and got reviewed in MRR. You can listen/download our shit but clicking the link above.

Danzig - Tired of Being Alive

Danzig II has a few good tracks, but I think it’s not as good as Danzig I. This is probably one of my favorite songs off the record, cause, like most of Danzig’s song lyrics, is dumber than a box of hair. Plus, the whole evil Roy Orbison/Elvis thing works so good in the song too…


Christians ruin everything.

This is totally metal.

Featuring tracks lik Angel of Love, Criminally In Love, and Altar of Happiness.

Featuring tracks lik Angel of Love, Criminally In Love, and Altar of Happiness.

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This Is Epic, You Should Watch It of the Day: Does Black Metal make vegan food more palatable? The Vegan Black Metal Chef investigates.

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From the theDailywhat:

Kickass Cover of the Day: Newlyweds Annette and Dennis cement their lifelong commitment to have and to hold by covering Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” at their wedding reception, as tradition dictates.

You can get this through Buy Olympia

You can get this through Buy Olympia

the AC is blasting in my office. it makes me want to cut open a coworker and warm myself in their ribs/entrails.
My friend Bwrex over gchat

Olde Growth
Two piece doom sludge band from Boston. Pretty interesting sound…

Trophy Wives
Louisville post-rock with ex-members of Coliseum, Young Widows, and Elliot.

Rat Storm
d-beat punk from Bloomington. I’m guessing it’s dudes from Wasteland D.C.?

Chicago noise punk. They’re pretty great and I regret missing them the two times they came through town.